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Are you struggling to get results with online digital advertising?

Ever feel like you're just spinning your wheels with everything you try? 

I remember that feelings, I first discovered it when I started my first business building websites. Drove me crazy!

So I set out to learn everything about marketing and today I know everything about running google ads for graduate degree programs, and I will build you your very own Google ads lead generation machine. 

A scalable system that runs on autopilot and generates leads each and every day!

You can capture leads for as low as $50 a form fill. 

You're only limited by your budget and enrollment team.  

Your investment? A one-time setup fee of $5,500 includes thirty (30) days of UNLIMITED training & support. Ongoing costs are next to nothing - just $567/mo. 

But I have a SPECIAL OFFER for the following ten people who sign up; 

I'll defer all costs for the first six months and do the setup for free. 

You don't pay anything, but the ads cost for the first six months. 

Program includes: 

Dedicated Sub-Domain

Program specific Landing Page

Custom form

Integration with your CRM

Ads copywriting

Landing page copywriting

If this resonates with you, let's discuss your goals. If a business partnership isn't a great fit I'm more than happy to give you any consulting advice on lead generation completely free as well.

You free for a call next week?